Williamstown Open Water Swim Coaching’s guidance is based on accepted professional swim coaching principles, and years of experience teaching and coaching adults and children.

You will learn to:

  1. Feel comfortable in the water,
  2. How to hold your body in an buoyant and streamlined position,
  3. A relaxed and easy breathing rhythm,
  4. Efficient kicking and
  5. Powerful stroking.

These are the basic building blocks for effective open water freestyle. You can’t have a powerful arm stroke until you have mastered numbers 1 through to 4.

That’s why we offer classes and groups for various levels of abilities and one-on-one coaching for rapid improvement with video analysis.

We don’t have a new way of swimming, just the techniques, exercises and drills that are tried, trusted and proven by peer reviewed research.¬†Years of experience means I can tell you how to improve your swimming skills and enjoy the open water.

For pool swimmers transitioning to the open water, I can tell you about adjusting your body position to get your head higher, breathing, sighting and drafting. I can teach you about swimming in the chop, the currents, the deep water and getting a good result.









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