There is a swimming group for every level of ability. And there’s plenty of swimming not listed on this table:


  • Challenge Yourself Group

    This group has limited numbers and is suitable for people learning to swim or learning to swim in the sea for the first time.


    The Challenge Yourself Group stays in the shallow water and the focus is on the basics of a relaxed freestyle technique. You will develop confidence and skills in this class.

  • Skills Development Group

    This is our most popular group. Perfect for tri-athletes, masters swimmers and pool swimmers transitioning to the open water.


    Each week we do drills and exercises that reinforce the basic skill components of an efficient open water freestyle. That’s a high ‘buoyant’ body position with relaxed breathing, effective kicking and powerful stroking, swimming straight, sighting effectively and drafting as much as possible.

    You will swim about 2km in this group and complete our “Mussels 700” open water swim training course.


  • The Mussels free swim group

    The Melbourne Ocean Swimming group, also known as The Mussels, is a free swimming group that meet every Saturday morning. You don’t need to book, pay or join. Just turn up ready to swim in the sea.


  • The Mussels meet at about 10.15am in front of the Williamstown SLSC. After swimming there is tea and coffee and snacks contributed by swimmers.

  • club
  • The Mussels swim group is not a race, just a group of ordinary people swimming together. You set your own pace and distance. The Mussels sometimes swim further afield but are based at Williamstown Beach.

  • Wednesday After Work Mussels

  • Just a small group of swimmers coming together for a mid week shake out of the cobwebs. It’s just a training run for the real thing on Saturday but Wednesday afternoons can produce challenging swells and choppy conditions. We swim intervals of the 200m markers.


    On Wednesdays we meet at about 6pm and we are in the water by about 6.15pm. This is not a class.

  • Stroke correction, 1 on 1 and small group classes

    Yes, you can improve your swimming quickly, but you can’t do it alone. You need a coach to set you a professional training program and ensure your technique is efficient. ¬†ruth-and-jane

    I have taught many adult learn-to-swimmers, competitive masters swimmers and tri-athletes. Just a few classes can improve your open water swimming significantly.

  • You can contact Coach Jason using the contact form below. Or better still, ¬†call/message me on 0428 777 727.

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