No classes or squads or 1 on 1 coaching until CORONAVIRUS lockdown is over !!

We have a swimming group, class or squad for every level of ability. 

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From learners to masters and competitive age group swimmers vying for national times. Open water swimming is a fast growing sport and we are proud to be part of providing responsible and professional open water swim coaching. You can’t enter the summer open water events or triathlons without training in the sea and interval training in the pool. 

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Challenge Yourself Group

This group has limited numbers and is suitable for people learning to swim or learning to swim in the sea for the first time.


The Challenge Yourself Group stays in the shallow water and the focus is on the basics of a relaxed freestyle technique. You will develop confidence and skills in this class.

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9AM OW Skills Group

This is our most popular group.

Perfect for tri-athletes, masters swimmers and pool swimmers transitioning to the open water.


Each week we do drills and exercises that reinforce the basic skill components of an efficient open water freestyle. That’s a high ‘buoyant’ body position with relaxed breathing, effective kicking and powerful stroking, swimming straight, sighting effectively and drafting as much as possible.

You will swim about 2km in this group and complete our “Mussels 700” open water swim training course.


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Stroke correction, 1 on 1 and small group classes

Yes, you can improve your swimming quickly, but you can’t do it alone. You need a coach to set you a professional training program and ensure your technique is efficient.

I have taught many adult learn-to-swimmers, competitive masters swimmers and tri-athletes. Just a few classes can improve your open water swimming significantly.

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