Open water swimming is a seperate set of skills, different to the pool freestyle that many people use. A few lessons about OW body position, breathing technique, sighting, drafting and a few other little tricks and tips will make your swimming experience much easier.

Are you:

… not able to relax during your swim?

… not keeping up, even when you stroke quickly?

… getting breathless in the water after just a short distance?

If you aren’t enjoying your swimming, come and see us. Just a few weeks of coaching can make all the difference and change the way you approach open water swimming.

We believe in good technique and stroke correction. We don’t want you completing long sets or drills that reinforce your inefficient stroke habits.

That’s because efficient open water freestyle lets you enjoy your swimming, and you will move through the water faster.

Sure, you might know the basic movements required for freestyle swimming but that doesn’t mean you are using your energy efficiently in the open water.

You need to learn:

  • The basics of breathing in the open water
  • The different body position required for the open water
  • How to kick efficiently without spending too much energy
  • The six separate elements to an efficient OW freestyle arm stroke
  • Your own optimal stroke rate
  • How to swim straight
  • How to make sighting an integral part of your stroke
  • How to train in the pool for an open water or tri event
  • How to ENJOY and even LOVE swimming in the sea

Jason Bryce is an open water swimmer, swim teacher and coach based at Williamstown Beach, Victoria, Australia.

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“I have helped thousands of adults and kids learn to swim, and more importantly, to love swimming for life.

“Swimming is a skill for life. Once you have learnt to swim well, you can enjoy a lifetime of being relaxed and having fun in the water.”

“My swim coaching focuses on developing and maintaining efficient technique while building speed and distance.

“Like many other swimmers, I discovered just how great open water swimming can be, for your health and physical fitness as well as your mood and concentration.

“And plenty of competitive swimmers are discovering open water swimming as well.

“Tri-athletes are working out that good swimming technique and relaxing in the water can set them up for the bike and run.”


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